"Thank you for your email and I've already started my application on the new website. It is more simple and structured and very easy to use. I've completed almost 5 steps and as soon as I got the recommendation letters I hope I can submit the application."

Kinga N

"Thank you so much for your fast response and to be honest, this platform is updated and it is much better than the old one, when I saw this new site and platform, I wanted to fill out all the information because it is easier than the old one. The old one was not interesting and it was sort of boring. Congratulations! "

Fabian G. - Colombia

"It is fantastic.....everything is just a click away and moved so smoothly...the old one was good but this one was really a breath of fresh air when I first opened...the application process took me just a few minutes :). It was so easy to navigate! Great job!!!! I had a big grin on my face when I saw a testimonial from a Jamaican teacher, that made me felt really at ease too :)"

Stacyann G. - Jamaica

"From my application to my arrival in the United States, and to the classroom, FACES has provide me with so much helpful information and support. I could not have been successful without the FACES support staff."

FACES Teacher from Jamaica

"Working with South Carolina students has been an unbelievable experience. I cannot wait until next year."

FACES Teacher