Teach in the USA

Teach in the USA

We’ve been giving international teachers the opportunity to teach in South Carolina since 1998. We’ve helped thousands of teachers learn more about the American educational system, explore the country, and share their experiences with American students.

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Teach with FACES

We specialize in placing teachers in South Carolina, a state in the southeast part of the United States. We focus on this area so we can offer all our teachers a great support network while they’re here. Our office is located in the middle of the state, so we’re just a drive away from any of the schools we work with. The state also gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of the types of schools you can work with—everything from large, urban schools to small, rural schools. No matter where you teach in the state, you’ll find that our schools consider you valuable resources to the area’s public education system.

There is no cost to apply with us and no need to pay third-party individuals or organizations to complete and submit our application.

Ready to teach in the U.S.? Apply today