We want to set our teachers up for success. That’s why we have a strict set of criteria you must meet to be considered to teach in the United States with FACES:

  1. A professional level of spoken and written English.
  2. Must hold a university degree equivalent to a four-year, U.S. Bachelors Degree.
  3. Your degree must correspond to the subject you want to teach. For example:
    • To teach Math you must have a Math Education Degree; an Engineering or Accounting Degree is not acceptable.
    • To teach Special Education, you must have a degree in Special Education; a degree in General Education is not sufficient.
    • To teach Spanish, you must have a degree in Spanish Teaching or a degree in English Teaching if you are a native Spanish Speaker.
  4. Your degree must have a teaching component. For example, you should have completed courses in pedagogy, methods of teaching, psychological development, teaching internship, etc.
  5. At least two (2) years classroom teaching experience since receiving your undergraduate degree.
  6. A driver’s license and one year of driving experience.
  7. Official good conduct certificate from the local police department.
  8. General good health.

For more information about visa requirements for entering the US, please read here.